About Us

The Musketeer corps is an historical unit at the Royal Life Guards Regiment in Sweden.

The Royal Life Guards Infantry Regiment is today the oldest operational regiment in the world, it was founded in 1521 during the role of King Gustav Vasa.

This unit was established in 1994 and has the task of displaying the maneuvers and combat formations that the infantry used during the year of 1845.

Since the start the Musketeers has participated in several big tattoos in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Lichtenstein, South Korea and Finland.

Soldiers and officers are equipped with the Royal Guards uniform, blue jacket with a yellow collar and cuffs and blue pants with yellow strips.

The weapons that unit is using is black powder percussion rifles. These rifles are used for both live fire drills and blank fire drills. Officers are equipped with original sabers from the mid 1800.

Mission & Vision

  • By viewing infantry  as they appeared in the 1850 century
    – Then infantrymen were uniformly equipped and trained foot soldiers with rifles, who could solve varied tasks of combat, surveillance, field work, parades, etc.
  • Create displays, showing military excercises in a public positively and easily understandable way.
  • Implement stylized battle demonstrations to music
  • Maintain sharp shooting skills
  • Participate in the Life Guards and the Stockholm garrison ceremonial activities
  • Implement at least one more qualifying event, foreign tour or tattoo, per year.
  • Develop personal skills of individual musketeer.
  • Maintain and develop Corps Material
  • Maintain a good spirit and good fellowship!