Svea Life Guards Musketeer Corps today currently consists of the Svea Life Guards Musketeer Corps, the Musketeer Corps in Falun and the Music Department. They train together but also have individual training as and when required.

The Musketeer Corps is an association that has taken the task of shaping the Svea Life Guards of today, as it formed in the mid 1850s. The Corps has put in a lot of effort to go through the available archival material to recreate the uniforms and weapons as accurately as possible. Demonstration parades are based on the 1846 regulations for infantry regiments. The Musketeer Corps of today was established in 1994 and is now 96 trained musketeers. The Svea Life Guards Musketeer Corps is now very well known internationally, one of the Corps first of many foreign missions was carried out as early as 1996 in Baden – Württemberg, Germany.